Party Poker Rakeback Sign Up

This page will give players detailed instructions for signing up for rakeback at Party Poker, where players can also receive a $500 sign-up bonus in addition to $20,000 in exclusive Party promotions available through this site.  If you already have an account at Party Poker then please contact us so that we can discuss what your options are for getting Party Poker rakeback.

1. The first step that players must take is to use Internet Explorer when signing up at Party Poker.  This is due to tracking issues that are caused by using Firefox and other browsers.  Also make sure to clear your cookies so that you are tracked properly and will be able to participate in our exclusive Party Poker promos and receive the correct bonus.

2. Click on the link below and you will be taken to to download the Party Poker software.  After clicking on the link below and arriving at the homepage you will want to click on the Free Download button which is shown in the screenshot below.  When clicking on this you will be prompted to save the Party Poker software to your computer.

>> Use This Link and Go to and Download Software <<

3. After clicking on the Download link/button on this site or on PartyPoker.coms website you will then be prompted to save the software to your computer.  You will need to save the Party Poker software to your computer to start playing.  Click the Save button as shown in the screenshot below.


party poker save


4. After downloading the Party Poker software to your computer you will have to run the software to complete the installation.  You will automatically be prompted to run the software after it has finished downloading.  Make sure to click the Run button as shown below.


party poker run


5. The software will now automatically install on your computer.  After the Party Poker software has installed you will be required to create an account.  When creating your Party Poker account you will be asked for a bonus code.  It is very important that you enter our Party Poker Rakeback Bonus Code PPR100 as shown in the screenshot below.  This is a very important step that you must not skip.


6. Once you have completed these steps please come back to this site and submit your information so that we can verify that you are being tracked properly.  If you do not submit your information then you will not be eligible for the exclusive my website offers its players.

Players will also be asked to create an account on this site which will also allow you to sign up for rakeback deals at other rooms.  Use the following link here to Download Party Poker today to get the software installed and your account created.

.and  afterwards, you just have to enter your details below and hit Sign Up and well get you tagged for rakeback at Party Poker immediately!



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