About PartyPokerRakeback.org

This site is dedicated to rakeback offers at Party Poker.  Party Poker used to be the biggest room like Pokerstars before the UIGEA – and continues to be one of the top rooms in the world post-Black Friday.  While our website here at PartyPokerRakeback.org is located in the USA and people in our country can longer play at Party Poker, we still believe in being able to serve our international customers with the most information possible about their poker room and make sure they’re always getting the best bonuses and cashback rewards.

This site is part of a larger network of gambling sites that we run.  We hope that everyone finds this site useful and is able to get a great deal when signing up at Party Poker.  If you would like to get in touch with us then feel free to drop us a line.  The support team on this site is available all the time and we are able to answer a wide variety of questions or concern you may have regarding Party Poker and their current cashback program that is run through their Rewards side of the room.