Party Poker Download

If you are looking to download the Party Poker software make sure you click on any of the Party Poker tracking links (or banners) located on this page or throughout the When you arrive at the website you will want to click the “Download Now” button.

This will then pop up a screen where you will click “Save As” and this will start to download the Party Poker software onto your computer. After you are done download the Party Poker software it will run on your computer and then bring you to the Party Poker lobby.

You will then be required to create an account before you can start playing.  Simply hit the “Create an Account” button and you’ll enter in your details from there and will be ready to start playing for real money within 1 to 3 minutes!

party poker download

System Requirements to Download Party Poker’s Software

Unless you have a really old computer then you won’t need to worry about the specs required to play on Party Poker. If you are curious then you can checkout the minimum requirements for Windows-powered machines below.  You can also find similar info on the Party Poker website itself.

>> Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista or 7

>> Pentium system with at least 256mb of RAM

>> Download size: Around 9.9MB

>> Sound card (optional if you don’t like hearing sound)

>> Screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels with a minimum of 256 colors

Party Poker for Mac and Linux users

If you are using a Mac or have Linux as your operating system you have two choices. The first would be to run a dual boot system so that you can run Windows when playing at Party Poker. This would also solve your problem for playing at most poker sites.

If this option does not interest you then you can play using the “no-download” option which uses your internet browser. Party Poker ‘s offering of the “in-browser” option makes them one of the best poker sites online.. Most poker sites don’t offer the “in-browser” option but that’s one of the reasons why Party Poker is one of the best poker sites online.

Once you download your account and sign up for your new Party Poker account make sure to register your user name and email below to ensure you’re properly tracker.