Party Poker Cashback Rewards Program

The rewards program at Party Poker is based on Party Points. Players will earn Party Points every time they are playing for real money. Party Points can be used at the Party Store to purchase tons of cool stuff including instant cash and bonuses.

partypoker reward program

How to Earn Party Points at Party Poker

Party Points are earned on both cash games and when you play tournaments. When playing cash games and tournaments at Party Poker, you will earn 2 Party Points for every dollar that you pay in tournament fees or rake. For example, if you pay $10 in tournament fees then you would receive 20 Party Points for playing in that tournament.

Points are normally earned at a much higher rate when you multi-table cash games and sit n’go’s, especially if you’re a grinder looking to put in some decent hours at the tables per day.  Low-stakes to mid-stakes No Limit and Limit Holdem cash games are some of the more popular games that are frequented at Party Poker and are definitely big point earners for those looking to compete in the $15K Raked Hand races that provides for our players.

Party Poker Key Levels

There are five different levels of the Party Poker Rewards program. These levels start at Bronze and go to the highest level, which is Palladium Elite. In order to receive the rakeback equivalent of 50%, the highest rakeback rate at Party Poker, you will need to reach the Palladium Elite status.

When you reach the highest level of the Party Poker rewards program and save up your points, you can exchange 300,000 Points for a $75,000 bonus – or 4 Party Points per $1 — from the Party Poker store. In order to reach Palladium Elite you will need to earn 40,000 Party Points in a quarter, the equivalent of generating $20,000 in rake over 3 months.

If players are not able to make Palladium Elite they will still receive rakeback rewards but return will be less than 50%. For example, at the next level down — Palladium — you will earn $15 cash back for every 100 Party Points (a minimum of 20,000 Points must be exchanged). Players are not simply limited to cash and bonuses when exchanging their Party Points; they can also exchange Party Points for gift certificates and tournament tickets. Make sure to check out the Party Store next time you login to Party Poker and see what you can get for your Party Points.

Key Level Points Required/Month or Quarter (Rake*) % Back
Bronze 0 0%
Silver 400/Month (*$200) Up to 11%
Gold 1,000/Month (*$500) Up to 15%
Palladium 9,000/Quarter (*$4,500) Up to 30%
Palladium Elite 40,000 Quarter (*$20,000) Up to 50%

*You will earn 2 Party Points per $1 of rake that you contributed. We have provided “rake” information to give players an idea of how many Party Points they can expect to earn per month or quarter.

Detailed Breakdown of Points Levels on Party Poker

Party Poker also provides players a more in-depth look at how the points levels work and just how much rakeback can be earned simply by playing cash games, sit and go’s and tournaments.  The following chart breaks down each level status according to actual points breakdowns and what types of bonus you’d be able to redeem once you move up in levels.

Even at the lowest level, Bronze, you would still be able to pad your bankroll by an additional $10 simply by earning 500 Party points.  As you level up to Silver, Gold, Palladium and Palladium Elite, you can see that the cash bonuses really start to rack up and the total rakeback percentage is bumped accordingly.

Key levels Points Cash Rakeback % Bonus Total RB
Bronze 500 $10 5.00% N/A N/A
Silver 750 $15 4.00% $30 8.00%
Silver 1,500 $50 6.67% $80 10.67%
Gold 3,000 $120 8.00% $200 13.33%
Gold 6,000 $300 10.00% $450 15.00%
Palladium 10,000 $600 12.00% $1,000 20.00%
Palladium 20,000 $1,500 15.00% $3,000 30.00%
Palladium Elite 40,000 $3,500 17.50% $7,000 35.00%
Palladium Elite 100,000 $15,000 30.00% $20,000 40.00%
Palladium Elite 300,000 $50,000 33.30% $75,000 50.00%